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Advertising & Selling Online

Members will be issued with advertising flyers with a QR Code and ordering instructions on it. Hand these out to your friends and family to help your club raise money. No need to take orders and handle money just hand them a flyer and they can scan with their phone. The QR code takes your customers directly to this page where they can purchase products without you having to handle money or keep track of orders. Best part is you still earn prizes, just make sure your customers put your name in when they check out! Alternatively just go to and click the support a fundraiser tab then choose your school! 

Placing your order

You can also order these products via our phone support 1300 330 361 and payment can be taken over the phone. Please ask an adult to make the call for you. 

You and your customers can also purchase any product on this website (Even those not in your fundraiser) and you will still be earning money for your school and prizes for yourself. There are no limits to what you can order and we have made it easier to help you budget with the new addition of Afterpay. 

Collecting your Order & Shipping

We give you options when it comes to getting your products! You can collect your orders from the school or have them shipped to your home or business. You will recieve an email when orders are ready for collection. This is generally within 7-14 days of the fundraiser ending. Orders being shipped to a home or business must be processed individually, as shipping costs apply. These orders will be dispatched at the same time as the orders being sent to the school. 

Claiming Prizes

Claiming your hard earned prizes is super easy. We calculate all of the orders that are placed in your name and these are either sent out to your school or shipped to your home depending on your preference (if no preference is given, prizes are sent to your school or club). When checking out you have the option to give a name to earn prizes. Even if you make multiple orders the prizes will still calculate. Make sure you remind people to enter your name when they check out so you claim prizes for each order you earn! Please note if a name is not attached to the order no prizes will be allocated for this purchase. If you check out and you realise the mistake please call us 1300 330 361 and we can make this change for you. 

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What Your Raising Funds For? 

Wellers Hill State School SU QLD School Chaplaincy complements the work done by other school-based support staff through operating in the ‘promotion, prevention and early intervention’ (PPEI) space with students, rather than the ‘treatment and

continuing care’ space inhabited by many other helping professionals.


Pastoral Conversations

The one-on-one interactions school chaplains have with students are best characterised as role modelling, mentoring and pastoral care. School chaplains do not provide counselling or case management services to students. Students talk to

school chaplains about peer issues, bullying, school behaviour, family issues and wellbeing concerns. Issues that are more complex and serious are referred on to other professionals and specialists.


Structured Programs
School chaplains engage students in a range of structured activities that promote social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Many school chaplains are trained and equipped to facilitate well regarded, evidence-based programs like Rock and Water, Friends, and Seasons for Growth.


All SU QLD school chaplains meet or exceed the government qualification standards, and are

committed to continuous improvement through regular professional coaching, supervision and development.


 Our Model of Care
SU QLD School Chaplaincy realises its commitment to promoting social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing through our model of care.

School chaplains focus their work around six role elements to provide developmentally appropriate care and support to students, families and school staff. All chaplains are appropriately qualified to carry out these roles, using their expertise and experience to tailor the role to school needs. School chaplains complement the work of existing school-based support staff through:

Social & Emotional Support

Chaplains provide proactive pastoral care for students, staff and parents, helping to create a positive and safe school environment and looking

out for those in need. They support students and the school community through bereavement, family breakdown, peer relationships and other difficulties such as bullying, depression and suicide.


Spiritual Support

Chaplains provide an additional dimension to a school’s care by supporting the spiritual needs of students, regardless of their

faith or beliefs. For students who seek it, chaplains can help them explore their worldview in relation to spirituality, values and ethics in a safe and respectful environment.


Educational Support

Chaplains support the learning environment through classroom activities (under the direction of

the teacher) and other structured programs in order to provide

further social, emotional or spiritual support,   particularly   with   students at risk of disengagement. Extra-curricular Activities Chaplains participate in general school activities including camps, excursions, sports days or coaching team sports, adding value to everyday school life.



Chaplains act as role models for students, assisting them to develop positive and supportive relationships. Chaplains may also implement mentoring programs, utilising resources and volunteers from the local community.


Community Development

Chaplains help to build strong links between the school and the wider community. They network with school-based support staff, community based organisations, churches and other networks

to mobilise the resources of the community to support student needs.


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